Choose A Story Topic For Me! (Part One)

So a few days ago, I asked for some ideas about short stories on Facebook. The creative side of me is desperate for some way to express itself in ways other than music. Because of this I have been wanting to write stories in the vein of modern fiction for some time now. It will be a strict departure from my old style, which was 100% classified as fantasy/science fiction (it's no secret that I'm a huge nerd).

All of the ideas contributed were terrible.

I'm kidding, but I was able to come up with a list of some interesting ideas as prompts for stories. Bear in mind that these are super vague and only to be considered starting points and basic premises. For many of them, I obviously have ideas of where the story would go but I would like to offer you as the reader an opportunity to choose which story you want to see written first.

In short, I'm allowing you to vote on which one you want to read first.

Here are a list of the prompts. You can either vote here or on Facebook. Just do so by picking the adjacent number of the topic:

1. A story told from the point of view of a house (not haunted), but sentient and keen to its residents.

2. A story about an outcast kid at a school who is regularly bullied and becomes incredibly cynical and antisocial.

3. A story about a man who lives inside of a square and has his entire life, knowing absolutely nothing about the outside world.

4. A story about an old man rapidly losing his memory; he consequently hires a ghostwriter to record his memoirs before it all fades away.

5. A story about life in the psych ward (you saw this one coming).

6. A story about a grade school student that begins a pen-pal correspondence with another student in a nearby city, revealing grim aspects of a child's life.

7. A story about a man who spends much of his time smoking on the balcony of his apartment complex and observes the disputes, conversations, and lives of his neighbors.

8. A story about a butler who is also a kleptomaniac.

9. A story told in a series of letters that detail a person's routine walks along the beach and writes about the interesting things they discover.

10. A story about a person walking in a field and they come upon another person (can't reveal too much more).

Those are all the topics for now. As I mentioned above, many of them may sound dull or silly at first look but I have a fairly strong idea of where each of them would go. I must also say that I plan to use all of these in some form or other so if your idea doesn't get chosen the first time, I'll eventually get around to writing about all of them.

That's all for now, I hope it is a simple process. The power is in your hands. I look forward to your feedback!


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