The Agent Coma's Demise

Ok, so maybe I didn't exactly do that ^^ to my guitar. That would have been pretty awesome. However, I am publishing this post today for one reason: to announce an indefinite hiatus to my solo musical project, The Agent Coma, and solo writing in general.

The Agent Coma, my stage moniker, has always been a silly name. In fact, I always figured I would use it for a post-rock band name. However, that experiment never happened and I thought it sounded cool, so there you have it. No one ever really asked me what it meant, which is great because I haven't the slightest clue myself.

I'll try not to drag this post out as some sort of self-serving commemoration to glorify my achievements. In fact, that is far from my intention. I mainly want to reflect a little bit and express my gratitude to those who have helped me along the way.

I've only officially been using the name The Agent Coma since the spring of 2011, but over the years as a solo musician, I've played at numerous events - a memorial service for a friend, in a psych ward, service projects, music festivals, open mics, coffee shops, and of course the many impromptu living room sessions, which were always fun.

This project is coming to an end for several reasons, the first and most candid reason being that I have simply lost interest in it. I never intended to be a solo artist - it's boring, narrow, competitive, and too easy to think highly of one's self. I always wanted to be in a band. In addition to that, I realize you have to have a lot of talent to be a solo musician. I'm not trying to be self-deprecatory, but to be as honest as possible, I've never enjoyed my own voice. Who does, really? Either way, these are the reasons I've decided to end it.

You could also say my interests have shifted. These days, the only kind of musical writing I do is for the band that I am in. I have somehow managed to join an organic musical project that I'm pretty dang excited about. Trust me, you'll be hearing from us. Also, I spend much of my time writing for literary reasons. Short stories, poetry, this silly blog - these are my priorities.

Here are a few pictures from some of my favorite events spanning The Agent Coma's existence:
This was at an event called "Take The Mic," an show organized by my good friend Tyler Mask. It took place in Weatherford, TX and the crowd was always great (mainly because it wasn't college students). I got bored of playing to students fairly quickly.
My friend Earl took this photo from the stage at my first official show. It was in September of 2011 at a coffee shop called Monks in Abilene. Not to brag, but this picture doesn't do the crowd justice - it was literally packed wall-to-wall with friends and spectators. I would never see Monks that crowded again nor would I ever play to such a large crowd again. It was quite the inaugural event.
Lastly, there was Springfest 2011, a festival showcasing ACU's musical talent. This was taken by my buddy Jordan Bell. The crowd was scattered and it was hot, but my friends were there and I got to say a lot of stupid things over the very loud PA system. I had a penchant for doing that. I blame nerves.

Lastly and most importantly, I would like to thank all of my friends and family members over the past few years for just being supportive. My musical endeavors almost led to some drastic career choices, and no one ever contested them because they were adamant in their support. Seriously. For those of you who came to open mics week after week even when you knew what to expect; for those of you who have ever downloaded, shared, or streamed my music online; for those of you who have stood in unbearable heat to hear my voice crack and tell dumb jokes....I thank all of you. A musician is nothing without fans. Who would want to play to themselves?

But you weren't my fans. You were my friends.

So along with my decision to put this project to rest for now, I am grateful to all of you for the love. I won't stop writing music - that will never happen - but as far as this project and its immediate future are concerned, it was a fun ride.

Of course, my music will always be readily available for download and streaming online. Hope it can still make someone smile every so often:

Cheers, everyone.



 For the first time, I really don't have a lot to say here. As far as music goes, my steady As I Lay Dying regime has been tempered after seeing them in concert last weekend, which was AWESOME. These days you'll find me spinning the Deftones' new album Koi no Yokan. Also, I've finally jumped on The Wailin' Jennys bandwagon. Here's why:

Still reading The Hobbit. December 14th can't come fast enough. My dwarf beard grows thirsty. 

See you there, maybe.

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  1. So proud of you and how far you've come. You're a great man with great talent.
    Also, great decision with the Deftones.
    Love you, brother.