A Case Of Month-Long Amnesia

It's been a while since I've updated my blog, but mainly because I've been pretty busy winning at life. Since my last post, I've participated in a competitive Magic: The Gathering event (fight me), entered the tumultuous world of dating once again, and the Super Bowl happened. I can essentially sum up what I've been doing this past month in this one penultimate image:

And there's nothing you can do to stop that.

So the last thing I want to do is treat this like a traveling blog or merely just an update on my life. I normally have a point to my posts, which I realize can also be annoying because I can easily come across as preachy or whatever. The name of this blog is Clueless in Seattle and I think a post about recent happenings in my life and/or reflections that have been going through my head can both be accurately labeled acts of cluelessness. Because let's face, I moved here without a clue and I still don't have one.

But since it's been a while, I'm going to break my own rules for a minute and just briefly run through the past month or so.

I guess the biggest thing that has happened is that I found a job. I entered the new year with about a week of work left on my old job (which was watching a 2 year old girl). I went through a couple of weeks of unemployment while being led down a bunch of job leads that basically went nowhere. In the meantime, my college loans decided to stop deferring and wanted me to pay attention to them. This was all wonderful and fantastic timing.

Then I found a promising lead. I decided to stay in the whole "nanny" field, because 1). It's fun for now and it fits right into my current theme of stepping into uncomfortable territories in life. 2). My previous contract wasn't seen through because of unforeseen circumstances, and 3). It's hilarious and it is also teaching me a lot. So now I watch 3 kids (a 5 year old boy, a 3 year old girl, and a 3 month old boy). I'll be honest, it's a huge jump from what I was doing but of course it's tons of fun and the hours and location are great. I work with an awesome family and I am pretty blessed to be in this situation. But of course, this has happened several times:

It's an occupational hazard. Keeps me on my toes.

The band I'm in (I refuse to say "my band" because it doesn't belong to me and I didn't start it) has taken to the studio to do some rough recordings. It was a super quick affair, which is not at all representative of the whole recording process, but we got it done in a matter of days. Tracking guitars is no fun. I mention this because hopefully some music will surface on the interwebz sometime very soon. We'll see.

I have a niece! Unless you're blind or you unsubscribed from me on Facebook, you've probably noticed my steady and creepy stream of baby pictures I've been posting. That would be my niece, Kallie Rae Corbin, born to my little brother Micah and his fiance Sherien. She is perfect. Of course, here's the obligatory picture:

Golly, she is wonderful.

Also, without meaning to, I've plunged back into the world of Jr. High ministry. I wouldn't say I'm heavily involved or even an integral part of it. It's been years since I've participated in any kind of teen-related ministry. This came to pass when I essentially signed on to help with worship at my local church's Jr. High group's annual Snow Trip. What a weird sentence. In short, it was an awesome experience and it really shook loose the stubbornness that my heart has been rooted in when it comes to worship (long story). I got to show off my beard and flannel:

I'm going to spend maybe a sentence on this, because she would kill me if she found out (which she will, sorry Rachel), but that would be my girlfriend on the left. We got to lead worship together and it was pretty fantastic. She's cooler than me, and probably you too. Yep. Enough of that.

Anyways, that's more or less a super condensed version of the past month. A lot has happened, but when I put it all down in this blog it doesn't really feel like it. It's interesting summing up a month of monumental life changes in a few brief paragraphs and fitting them into a neat little box, making them immediately available for scrutiny from even the most casual of readers. I love the internet!

I am going to see Russian Circles, Coheed and Cambria, and Between The Buried and Me Tuesday night. I will update my blog in the aftermath of that insane lineup because this is the best show I've gone to in a a really long time. Also music noteworthy: I have been told to listen to Shai Hulud, Counterparts, and The Carrier as musical inspirations for my guitar writing. I guess you should too.
And finally. an unrelated and gratuitous picture of a big dog and a little kid:
 Cheers, everyone.


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