So I Managed To Make It A Year

Seems I'm not the new guy anymore.

Since packing what meager possessions I owned and tossing them into my '99 Accord a whole year ago, I managed to weather twelve months of irresponsible post-graduate living up here in the Pacific Northwest. A few months after making it here, I decided it would be a brilliant idea to log my adventures in the form of this blog - if that tells you anything about my definition of the word "brilliant". It's at least my third attempt at maintaining a blog and definitely my only successful attempt, according to a recent poll taken by all three of my readers. 

It's largely known by this point to all those who know me that I am a fairly clueless person when it comes to life in general. I mean, we all are...but when I fell out of the sky I completely missed hitting the logic tree and managed to hit every branch on the nerd and dreamer trees on the way down. My dad always said that I was smart but that I had no common sense whatsoever. I tend to agree. I mean, I'm the type of guy who would cut my thumb replacing a tail light (there are witnesses and probably still bloodstains) because I don't know a single thing about cars. I used to think Pilates were a type of miniature pie you baked. I still don't know how the stock market works. 

I'm ok with not knowing.

It's been a rather eventful ride, and I'm not going to recap every single thing because I've blogged about most of them - not all of them, mind you. A man has to keep some semblance of mystery. Instead, I figured I'd just mention some of the highlights...and lowlights. 

I've been able to attend so many concerts up here. I always figured it was for all the shows I missed while I living in Texas. In order, I've seen Exotic Animal Petting Zoo, Circa Survive, Touche Amore, Balance & Composure, Freelance Whales, As I Lay Dying, Coheed & Cambria, Between The Buried & Me, Russian Circles, Now Now, Lydia, The Contortionist, Within The Ruins, Daughter, New Found Glory - those are just the ones I cared about. I currently am looking forward to seeing Eisley (2nd time), Misery Signals (4th time) and Between The Buried & Me again (5th time). I'm such a metal head....NOT.

A few of the memories:


Now, Now


Going to Shi Shi beach last summer with a bunch of dudes was undoubtedly one of the best experiences I've had since moving here. Ultimate Frisbee, way too much cheap beer, sunburns, etc. Watching hermit crabs crawl everywhere in the tide pools while reading a David Mitchell novel. Climbing on top of a giant cliff in sneakers to watch the sun set, illuminating the Canadian Cascades. One Wing by The Chariot. Complaining about not having a backpack. Everything was magical, as magical as a weekend with ten other guys can be. Exhibit A:

Before I knew what "hard style" meant.

Of course, there are so many other things I could mention. Witnessing my friends Halye & Dakota get married. Being in awe of the crowd going nuts at Qwest Stadium while the Seattle Sounders beat Vancouver. Taking the ferry to Kingston (something about ferries are magical). The view from Gasworks - every single time.

And then there are the unexpected places I found myself. Observing the sunset on top of The Great Seattle Wheel while on a blind date with a Polish girl. Listening to a dude named Roland - whose regular face was a constant squint (think Renee Zellweger) - tell me that I am far too hard on myself for my age, while in an overnight safe house for the mentally unstable. Having to ahem - do my business in front of a sitter in the hospital while wearing one of those awful shirt things they give to patients. Getting a hummingbird tattoo on my leg with a bunch of guys I barely knew (still don't regret it). And of course, wearing tights and booty shorts while performing an interpretive dance in front of about a hundred people. Evidence:

I apologize.

Now, after moving six times, visiting the ER three times, attending ten concerts, going on way too many blind dates (we all go through phases, right?), three jobs and several failed interviews, changing churches a few times - I seem to have made it out alive, with no small help from God. He assured me that I would have friends, a roof over my head, a job to support me, and a place to worship. Looking back, that's all I asked for.

This blog may have my name on it and may be my idea, but it's hardly about me. Very few of the best things I've experienced this past year have been just about me. I moved here alone but I'll never be able to escape without knowing I'll have to visit frequently because of all the fantastic people I've met here. I wish I could mention all of you by name - but that'd be far too lengthy of a list and I'd undoubtedly leave someone out and hurt their feelings. So I'll simply say that I am truly thankful to all of those who have made this transition worth it. Don't know where I'd be without any of you. Probably dead in Texas or rotting away in California. No one will ever know.

Oh yeah, I love this city. Quite a lot. Don't see myself leaving soon.

Cheers and thank you, everyone.


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